ABout us

Our Mission: Empowering African and Black-Owned Products, Innovations and other creations.

Unique and innovative solutions in the service of Black and African Entrepreneurs and to promote ventures held/run by African and Black people.

Africa’s modern! Africa is cool! Africa offers much more than these stereotyped images and representations that we encounter every day. Try to buy modern fashion products or cosmetics with an African touch in a well-established fashion chain or in a drugstore! At the end, you end up in one of these hidden side streets in a basement where people attempt to sell dusty products. But many of these products do not need to hide at all: they have too large potential to be hidden away or to be discovered only offline. And this even in the different African markets. Our vision is to create a framework and ways for all these products to achieve their potential. Because one thing is clear. African products, innovations and products with African touch definitely have their role to play on the international markets, let alone on their domestic markets.

Products with an African touch are products that have an African relevance in their origin, composition or message.

Our Values

Our core values are based on the African Adinkra sign for loyalty. kadexi therefore stands for loyalty to Black people and Africa. This loyalty is reflected in the fact that we work hard to promote the potential of African and Black owned/operated ventures worldwide. To achieve this we act according to the following standards:

straight forward

We communicate straight forward (without hidden agendas) and work constantly to find and implement smooth and smart solutions to reach our main objectives

Just do it

We act according to the motto “talking is silver, getting down to business is gold”. At the same time, we are constantly open to new insights.


We value personality and do everything we can to realize our vision as a team; we are committed to an international approach and act in a context-driven manner.


We enjoy what we do, are solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented, and nevertheless always approach decisions by means of analysis and factual arguments.

Just do it

Wir handeln nach dem Motto „reden ist Silber, anpacken ist Gold“. Dabei sind wir stetig offen für neue Erkenntnisse.

straight forward

Wir kommunizieren straight forward (ohne hidden agendas) und arbeiten stetig daran, unkomplizierte und smarte Lösungen für unsere großen Ziele zu finden und umzusetzen.


Wir legen viel Wert auf Persönlichkeit und setzen alles daran, unsere Vision als Team zu verwirklichen; sind international und handeln context-driven.



Wir lieben das was wir tun, denken in Lösungen anstatt in Problemen und treffen Entscheidungen trotzdem immer anhand von Analysen und sachlichen Argumenten.

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